Would you like to live with more awareness, ease and joy?

In a world of ever-increasing stimulation and speed, we are longing (consciously or subconsciously) for more quiet and space in our lives. Both yoga and Thai massage are designed to open our bodies + minds and balance the flow of life force energy (prana, sen, chi/qi) in our systems. Whether you're just beginning this journey back to your true Self, beginning again, or drawn to find greater depth or a new perspective, I would be honored to share these practices with you.

Like you, I feel the call to live with more awareness, to connect more deeply and to tread more lightly on the Earth. I try to 'walk the talk' - and when I falter, I try to laugh, learn and begin again.

Please visit the Services page for more information and the Schedule/Events page for current classes and upcoming events. As always, please contact me with any questions, concerns or compliments. =)

Welcome! And thank you for stopping by.

Lisa creates a completely safe, nurturing and therapeutic environment to receive Thai Massage. She intuitively knows the correct pressure to use and where to focus and I always leave feeling both relaxed and renewed. Lisa has a deep knowledge of the body from her work as a yoga teacher and massage therapist and it really shows in her bodywork. I recommend Lisa to anyone looking for relaxation, therapeutic injury work or general wellness. The power of Thai massage is deep and Lisa is a wonderful practitioner of this ancient modality.

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